21st Century teaching skills workshops

Designed by educationists and ace trainers will deliver

21st century teachers must be equipped with relevant skills to teach the current generation students, teaching in the 21st century is an altogether different phenomenon.

We train teachers to make them possess flawless communication skills, ability to motivate and inspire students, ability to transform students into successful students. Our workshops are customized based on the exact need besides training them on 21st century skills.

Workshop topics

  • English fluency training
  • Personality Development for teachers
  • Effective class room management
  • Creativity in classroom
  • How to prepare students to become effective leaders?

Workshops that make Teaching more effective & exciting

1. Multiple Intelligence – Using MI to make classes more interactive & interesting

2. Learning Styles – Understanding Learning styles and how we can maximize learning using this understanding

3. Thinking Skills – What are they and how we can use them inculcate them through our classroom

4. Active Learning – Methodologies to make teaching more interactive, involving & more meaningful

5. Cooperative Learning – How to get the best out of peer to peer interactions and to multiply learning using groups

6. Organizing Leaning – What to use where to enable effective understanding and recall

7. If they’re laughing – they’re learning – Effective Strategies towards using humar in classroom

8. Understanding and working with Higher order thinking skills

9. Developing and using Creativity in learning

10. Making Mathematics more meaningful

11. Brain based learning & Study Skills

12. Using Story telling / doing in learning