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One fine day Buddha and his followers while travelling from one city to another happened to cross a lake, Buddha was feeling very thirsty and therefore asked one of his obedient follower to bring some water from the nearest lake.

Being the good follower he did as he was asked to. As soon as he reached the lake he saw that there were some people washing clothes and some animals were taking bath in the lake while on the other side there was a bullock cart that crossed the lake at that time due to which the lake became extremely muddy and dirty. The disciple went back unhappy and informed Buddha about all that he witnessed and the reason why he came back without the water.

Buddha asked all to rest by a tree there and re-energize themselves for the journey ahead. After a while Buddha again asked his follower to go to the lake and get some water before they left for their journey and this time the follower went back to see that the lake was left silent and there were no one to move the water or make it muddy and due to the time given to the lake the mud and dirt had all settled down.

He happily got water for Buddha and gave it to him. Seeing the clear water Buddha informed all that when you let certain things be as they are then they would settle down on their own thereby saving you your energy and efforts to calm it down.

Moral: Let go of things, issues, problems because not everything needs your reaction to get the solution. When you are calm and at ease you would take better decisions and handle situations better than ever. All you got to do is just breath and give things some time to settle on its own.


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