With our PREPARATORY COURSE FOR INTERNATIONAL ENGLISH LANGUAGE TESTING SYSTEM (IELTS) program, you can now approach the IELTS exam with knowledge and confidence!

We offer an extensive course that will prepare you thoroughly for the IELTS exam. The primary objective of the program is to develop and brush up your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, while familiarizing you with the format and structure of the IELTS exam.

Our classes are kept small, in order to provide individual support and ongoing feedback from the teacher regarding your progress. Students who prefer private coaching may also sign up for 1-to-1 classes.

All teachers deployed in this course are certified IELTS trainers and veteran educators. With a track record of academic excellence and great student rapport, we have the right team to make your IELTS coaching experience as enriching and memorable as possible.

IELTS Test Component

Brief Description

  • Listening (Same for Academic and General Training)
  • Four sections, 40 items
  • Reading (Different for Academic and General Training)
  • Three sections, 40 items
  • Writing (Different for Academic and General Training)
  • Two tasks
  • Speaking (Same for Academic and General Training)
  • Three-part one-on-one conversation

Our PREPARATORY COURSE FOR INTERNATIONAL ENGLISH LANGUAGE TESTING SYSTEM (IELTS) syllabus is designed with the IELTS exam in mind, and focuses on listening, speaking, and Academic and General reading and writing skills.

  • Listening and Reading (Receptive Skills)
  • Become deeply familiarized with the various question types that may appear in the IELTS test
  • Acquire critical time management skills to ensure that no questions are left unanswered
  • Practice effective skimming and scanning techniques
  • Learn to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls
  • Master the top tips and strategies that significantly improve test scores
  • Speaking and Writing (Productive Skills)
  • Be able to understand different questions and scenarios quickly and easily
  • Gain speed and expertise in brainstorming and organizing ideas
  • Learn practical ways to elaborate ideas and meet minimum word count without compromising on quality
  • Build up a depository of exam-focused strategies
  • Find out how to score extra points for originality by rephrasing concepts differently
  • Steer clear of frequent and common pronunciation errors
  • Acquire excellent speech patterns and rhythm from native-speaking teachers and be able to apply them consistently

Teaching Methodology & Materials

Our PREPARATORY COURSE FOR INTERNATIONAL ENGLISH LANGUAGE TESTING SYSTEM (IELTS) uses only the most relevant and up-to-date IELTS training materials. Our qualified instructors draw inspiration from a wide range of resources to deliver the most comprehensive and competitive syllabus.

Our lessons are student-centered, resulting in high motivation and optimum success. We believe in using in-class productive activities that integrate language and language skills for effective and positive production, and build up your IELTS confidence. Following the activity, we provide comprehensive feedback on your production and address any errors.

These strategies will develop the skills required for the IELTS exam, as well as make you more comfortable with the format, and allow you to sit for it with confidence in your skills and abilities.

Course Info

Estimated Duration 45 Hours
Time 6 AM / 6 PM

Course Teacher

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