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10 ways to re-organize lifestyle


Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

  1. Who am i?
  2. Why am i?
  3. Where am i?
  4. Where will i be?

These are the guiding questions, ask yourself to know the real purpose of your existence and the main motive behind the project “YOU’.

Yes you read it right! You are a great creation and there is reason behind your creation and existence, there is reason behind why you are going through all the goods and bads right now. Building the purpose for life is necessary and it is important to learn the major turns and falls in  life.

Here are 10 ways to re-arrange and decorate your lifestyle in a better way!

  1. Wake up! yes freshen up too before the world begins its day.
  2. Run, Twist and build stronger bones! they will be of great use in the future. Health is wealth.
  3. Let the first meal of the day, your BREAKFAST be your morning motivation!
  4. Read, Read and Read! let it be a few headlines too.
  5. Plan and read the to-do list from the last night. Manage time and prioritize the list well.
  6. live, work and understand the present. Know your worth and act accordingly.
  7. Listen more, understand deeper, speak value!
  8. Relax and pamper yourself!
  9. Prepare and Plan the next day and ensure that you have recalled your objectives in mind.
  10. Sleep early, sleep well!




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